Thursday, May 31, 2007


We had our usual day of running favorite, the thrift store and then to eat at Chili's. Last week Summer and I had found a food chain gift card laying in a parking lot. I picked it up and called the number on the back of it and it was fully loaded with $25. Since there is no way to find a lost gift cards owner I took it as a gift from the universe and said "thank you". It was also a rainy day so later on Summer and I made our weekly library trip. I let her pick out a few books and then I pick out some educational ones. Being the outside girl that Summer is, when we got home she insisted on going outside and playing in the rain. I figured, why not, it's not lightening and I always loved playing in the rain as a child. We finally got in some school around 6:00p.m. I know why I don't make a habit of doing school in the evening now......Summer nor I can stay focused after a full day of activity.

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  1. Where is Chili's? The one by Outback closed didn't it?