Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barthalomew Park

Since there are sooooo many parks in the Austin area, Angela and I try to visit a new one every time we have a park playdate. Well, today we decided to venture "out of our box" and go to a park that we have labeled "in the ghetto".

Angela is from Louisiana so she, like I, know what a southern ghetto is like. I really don't even know what made either one of us think it was the ghetto other than the fact that it is not in the "Austinite acceptable" part of town.

Anyway, I arrived there earlier than Angela. Of course the parking lot was empty at 9:30 a.m. in the morning, so I sat in my car and observed the park while I waited on Angela. As I watched I noticed a few moms out walking their babies and a few people walking their dogs. Hmmmm......this didn't seem very ghettoish at all. Not to mention the park had more play equipment than any park that I had been to yet! It was a really nice park. It was also minutes from the bank I use, a shopping center, and a library.

We ended up really enjoying the park on the "bad" side of town. Summer even asked when we were going back to that cool park.

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