Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Pecan Street Festival

Old Pecan Street is actually 6th Street downtown where Toby works. They have this festival twice a year. We missed the one in May because Toby had to work and I still wasn't familiar enough with the city to be driving around unassisted.

There was music, food, giveaways, arts and crafts, kids name it. We got up early Sunday morning grabbed a little breakfast and headed to the festival. We wanted to get there early before the heat and the crowds set in. Thank goodness we did 'cause when were leaving, the interstate was backed up with people trying to get downtown to the festival.

We got us some Alligator on a stick too.:-) While we were eating it a lady walked by and asked us where we got it. Toby pointed her in the direction of the tent we got it from. I felt it was my duty to tell her it was alligator on a stick. Obviously that was not was she was looking for 'cause she turned her nose WAY up. Of course it wasn't near as good as Original Oyster House's alligator bites. :-) Can't beat the seafood in the deep south.

There was so much to see and do. I wish I could have just walked around taking pics but we were too busy for me to keep stopping to take pics. It was fortunate that the tattoo shop was in the middle of all this hoopla. We could stop off and take a/c and bathroom breaks.

I have to say that we all had enough fun that we will return to the next festival in May if possible.

After we left we decided to grab a bite to eat. We ended up stopping in at a mexican food restaurant on the way home. Since we are relatively new to this much larger city, we have tried to make it a habit of trying a different restaurant every week. We don't want to fall into that bad habit we had in Mobile of eating at the same places every week without every trying anything new. After all, we are on a life adventure. :-)

Speaking of adventures, this place was an adventure. When we walked in there was an obvious different atmosphere. There was mexican "band" there which was kinda cool. After we were seated we began to look at our menus. Hmmmm..... I couln't seem to find the 'side" of the menu that was written in English.

Thank goodness some words like Burrito and Taco are universal. Looking back it was really funny. We were definitely on the outside looking in.

The food ended up being worth our money anyway. Toby was telling his co-workers at Siddons about our "experience". We learned that we were at a true mexican restaurant and not a tex mex restaurant. It does help to be a city native in cases like this....we are learning though.

Here are some pics of our day at the festival:

I don't think this guy's cat realizes he's a cat.

Summer and Toby checking out the instruments.

Downtown Restaurant

Taking a break watching the banjo players.....they were pretty good.

Summer and Toby trying to win a car......we didn't win. :-(

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  1. Hye looks like you guys had lots of fun. We are on our way downtown to the Mary Brogan for Museum Day. Will post to our blog soon.