Friday, September 5, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

- Albert Einstein

The first time I ever heard this quote was from my old boss at the accounting firm I worked at for several years.

I was going through one of the worst times in my life. I was recently separated from my first husband and was trying to "escape" the pain of divorce by drinking a little too much "Christmas cheer", attracting bad boyfriends, and unconsciously neglecting my son.

After my separation I lived in a haze for a couple of years on a downward spiral towards who knows what. My son suffered, I suffered, and after a few consequences of some of this type of living I was beginning to emotionally lose it. I could barely drag myself into work and could barely take care of myself or my son. I had managed to throw myself into a severe depression.

My old boss was always like a dad to me offering tidbits of advice and still writing me a paycheck even though I knew through these trying times I probably was doing a pretty slack job as an employee and bookkeeper.

Sitting with my boss outside taking a break from work one day, I was mehawing about all of my problems. He looked at me and quoted me this above quote. I don't know if it was the way he said it to me or if I was just sick of being miserable, but I took that quote and ran with it. I changed everything about my life that was possible at the time.

I changed my "friends", I started hanging out in different places doing different things. I started being the mom I used to be to my son and even rearranged my furniture.

Thankfully I am one of those type people that don't like to drown in my own misery for long periods of time. I had grieved and it was time to "Snap out of it". Thank goodness there was someone there to help me see the light.

Can ya'll tell I haven't had too much to write about lately. :-)

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  1. Thanks for that glimpse into your past. sincerely Melissa