Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Parade

We went to our first Christmas parade of the year today. It was in downtown Austin. I figured it would be like getting down to a Mardi Gras parade in Mobile but we got down there and parked with ease. Toby pointed out that Austin's downtown is much larger than Mobile's and more equipped to take a larger crowd. Either way I was glad not to have traffic trauma.

I really wanted Summer to see a large Christmas parade but I felt a little guilty about dragging my poor tired husband out of the bed to head back down to a place he had just got home from only a couple of hours ago.

He was a really good sport though and held Summer on his shoulders the whole hour long parade.

I did want to post this pic first. I was stopped taking a pic of the frost building and a woman standing nearby told me the story behind it's design. In the many times I have looked at this building I never noticed that it resembles an owl. The architect designed the building that way purposely. If you look you can see the eyes, the beak, and the ears. Pretty cool huh?

Here are some highlights of the parade:

After the very long parade we were all starving. Since Toby was such a good boy about the whole thing we let him choose the restuarant. He did a very good job. We ate at the Texas Roadhouse and it was delicious!

After our filling meal we headed to the house to rest a while. After our lunch wore off we headed to the park up the road. We took Brandi with us.

She thought she was tougher than the cows:

And she has never seen ducks before....I wondered what was going through her mind having never seen a duck before. All this outdoor stuff is new for her but she seems to be enjoying certain aspects of it.

It has been a good weekend.

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  1. It looks like it is finally getting chilly out there. I noticed in the last two posts that
    Summer had on coats.