Monday, November 10, 2008

The Past Week at a Glance

He, he, he.....I know how to get comments coming into my blog now.
I see a few of you felt inclined to take the bait. :-)

After all of the festive activities in the weeks before Halloween we had a much needed slow down in the past week.

We spent most of our week doing our usual activities of play date at the park, grocery shopping, and hanging out with the neighbors. The weather has been beautiful so I have tried to spend a lot time outdoors before it gets too cold to enjoy it.

On Sunday, Toby had another meeting at the tattoo shop so Summer and I tagged along with him. One of the other tattooist brought his wife along so Summer got to make a new friend while the meeting was going on. She had her dog with her (a wippet sp?) so it kept Summer very occupied. After a while we got bored sitting in the shop waiting on the guys to get trough with the meeting so we all walked out and hung out on 6th street.

Every time I go and hang out in downtown Austin I love it more. Even if you are doing nothing at all there is SO much to see. There is some kind of oddity everywhere you look. Strange cars, strange people, and a positive vibrancy I have never experienced in a city before...not that I have been in all that many. Aside from the overly aggressive homeless people the people downtown are very friendly and outgoing.

Me, Summer, chick and her dog (I don't remember the wife's name) just sat out there and "city watched" and chit chatted until the meeting was over.

After the meeting Toby and I got together with our friend Ginny. She is our realtor turned friend....the first friend we ever made in Austin. It's been a while since we have seen her so it was nice to get together and hang out.

We always meet her at the Southpark Meadows in South Austin. It's a great place for a meet up. We sit around and have a couple of brews and some chit chat while Summer gets to play in the park. I really love that place. It's attractive because there is something for both kids and adults AND it's outdoors in the shade.

Anyone who doesn't think home schooled children are socialized have never seen my child in action when we are out and about. She had a slew of kids AND adults she was playing with this past Sunday.

When we got home Sunday night it was pretty late. I found it odd the cat was not running up to the car and mewing to get in to his food. I had the feeling that something was not quite right. I only told Summer that the cat was probably out running in the greenbelt and would be home soon.

Toby ended up not going to work on Monday. I'm not sure if his headache was due to a sinus headache or a "too much Christmas cheer" headache with Ms. Ginny the night before. Either way, he needed a break from working two jobs anyway. No need to work him to his death.

After Summer and I finished our schoolwork we all decided to hunt for the lost cat. Toby and Summer took the bike around the block first. When they got back we decided to head into the greenbelt thinking she may have ventured in there and got caught up in a tree.

Looking into the greenbelt it looks really bushy but when you walk in there it's very walkable and mostly grassy. I love walking around in there. It's like being in an enchanted forest to me. Every time I go in there I think about my brother Buddy and I. We used to love tromping around in the woods and being outdoors exploring around. Every time I am somewhere like that I wish he were there with me. He is the only person that I have ever known that truly enjoys the passion of exploring as I do.

We didn't find the cat but we did find a watermelon patch growing. Seems the watermelon rinds I had thrown over the fence into the greenbelt this past summer had taken root. It was pretty cool to see actual watermelons growing out there. With the lack of rain we have had here I don't see how anything has been growing, but there they were a whole patch! There were plenty of prickly pear out there too.

Summer and I discussed how if we were starving we could come out to the greenbelt and eat watermelon and prickly pear. I never realized you could eat prickly pear and that is was a fruit until I moved here.

We took the opportunity to discuss pioneers and the first Thanksgiving discussing how they had to capture and pick everything they ate.

Anyway, on with the cat. After a day and a half we found out where the cat was. Our neighbor next door told us that her dog had eaten the cat. Unfortunatly she told this to Summer. I really wished she had told me or Toby instead of Summer.....or maybe just not told at all.

Here is in memory of Percy the cat:


  1. Summer I am so sorry about your cat. Maybe you and mom could do a scrapbook page of him.

  2. I guess you can't be mad at the neighbor for what you have to assume was an accident with her dog, but, what a dumbass for telling Summer! I am sorry to hear about your cat, Laura. Oh, and I do wish I were their exploring.

  3. And... I wish I could spell "there" right!

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  5. Awwww....Sorry to hear about Percy's untimely demise. Some people are real dum-dums about giving too much info to kids. They shoulda definitely told y'all so you could figure out a way to break it to her gently.

    I just love the picture you posted of him next to the devil-rat! Very cool!

  6. Oh yeah...the impromptu watermelon patch must've been a really fun surprise! I love it when things like that happen! It's like finding a treasure!