Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just My Opinion....

I know, who cares. Like my dad always said...."Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one." For me, my opinions have always been more "alien" than "robotic".

Since most of my circle are in fact more "robotic" I have had more than my share of anti-Obama e-mails claiming he's a socialist, muslim, he will take GOD out of our country, etc, etc..

Is Socialism necessarily a bad system? In my opinion, no. Too often we say a system is bad when really it is not the system, it is those behind it. I believe that Socialism, as long as it is controlled, is better than Capitalism.

The rich may end up paying quite a bit more in taxes, but really, how much money does one person really need. Any more than necessary and you go to that different level of greed and materialism.....which of course our country was founded on if you think realistically about it. The "pilgrims" came to America and ended up stealing everything they could get their hands on...hence, capitalism. Oh, and by the way, they were "Christians".

Einstein once said, "We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive."

Now that Obama has won the Presidency the rich will pay out a little more in taxes, there will be universal healthcare, the poor will be better off, and the middle class will the way, I consider myself and a great majority of the people I know middle class so why all the whining????

I believe it is time to move past selfish desires and start caring a little more about the human race as a whole.

I hear more Christians than anyone complaining about Obama turning the country into a socialistic country. Funny to me. Maybe we should all learn to be more "Christ-like" instead of hiding under the label of "Christian".

From what I remember of Bible stories, I don't ever recall Jesus being worried about what he may or may not gain financially. Jesus was a giver. He gave love. That is the whole purpose of life isn't it? Not what kind of car you drive or how much your home cost.

Remember, to those of us who give, we receive. The religion of Christianity was made by man not GOD.

On another note, if a Democratic president were backing a $700B bail-out, I have to think that Republicans would be crying "Socialism!" Bailing out is the same as giving as far as I am concerned. Free and clear money. Nobody has to repay a dime, of course, except the taxpayers....even the struggling middle class!

And last but not least, if anyone can take GOD out of your life, then you might to rethink your relationship with God. God is not in our churches, schools, or in our government...GOD LIES WITHIN.

Remember it's all about opinion....everyone's got one. Or just maybe, I have been living in a blue dot in the middle of a very big red state for too long. :-)


  1. Hey! If you voted for Obama, that is okay with me... you don't have to explain anything, Sis!

  2. I actually voted for McCain because I do not like a lot of what Obama stands for and why he is not being forthcoming with certain documents; however, he is now what we have for a president so I will reserve my judgement of him until I see just what kind of president he will be. Like it or lump it we have him for the next four years and there is no use complaning about that which we can not change. I hope and pray he will think of the majority when he makes policy not just the companies that funded his campaign.
    I appologize if this offends anyone but like you said everyone has an opinion I am just voicing mine.

  3. C'mon, Laura. .Say what you REALLY think. .haha. .I love your blog! I will say my opinion is the same as yours on some parts of this post, and very different on others. .and I will leave it to you to guess which is which. ;)