Thursday, August 19, 2010

4-H Achievement Banquet

We've made it through our first year in 4-H! We have all grown to love our 4-H group and activities.

Last Saturday night was our annual Achievement Banquet. Toby had to work so it was just Summer and I attending. To be honest, I really wasn't looking forward to it. I envisioned boring speeches and alot of thumb twiddling.

I ended up being intrigued for most of the night. It was inspiring to see young people making accomplishments, speeches, and taking the lead.

Summer got two awards, our group leader got an award, our group scrapbook got an award.

The lady in this pic with Summer is our group leader, Karen. She does a WONDERFUL job leading the kids.

After the awards they turned down the lights and played some music for everyone to dance. Summer was having a blast dancing and was not in the least insecure about getting out there and strutting her stuff! She is definitely more social and secure than her mom is. I would have to have several strong drinks in me before you would ever catch me out on a dance floor.

Here is a pic of just a portion of our group..

It was a late but memorable night. :-)

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