Friday, August 20, 2010

Snake Farm

Ever since Summer got to hold a co-worker of Toby's pet Boa a few years ago she has had an affection for snakes. She likes to draw them, hold them, and has a few stuffed and rubber ones hanging around the house.

When I heard about the Snake Farm in New Braunfels I felt it only appropriate that we give it a visit.

The "farm" was small but full of snakes, birds, reptiles, and other various animals.

By luck, when we first arrived the keeper had pulled out a snake for the kids to hold.

It felt like it was 150 degrees outside so we didn't spend too much time checking out the outdoor animals even though they were certainly worth sweating for.

This Capybara was hilarious! He would stick his beaver teeth over the fence wire and beg for food.

The Snake Farm is certainly worth a visit but it's one of those places that once you've seen it you've seen it.


  1. It is wonderful to visit these places with you, it makes the world seem a smaller place...

  2. What kind of genetic code allows for a child, and a girl at that, to want to hold a snake? None of my kids, two girls and a boy, will go near one. They take after their mom, I guess.

  3. It is really cool sharing these places with you. We do not have many places around here to visit & though we can't be there in person, it's like we still get to go through your pictures & blogs...THANK YOU! And I absolutely LOVE the capybara!!! He is adorable! I'd be wanting to take him home!