Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pedernales Falls State Park

This day was a disaster...for Summer anyway. We have been to Pedernales State Park before and loved it. We took Lucas there because we knew he would love it as much as we did.

Simplified story...when we were there previously we had not been able to see the whole park so we decided to hike a different area of the park that I assumed would still lead us to the sandy river where we had hung out before. I knew the kids would prefer to be on the river and I wanted Lucas to see how cool it was too.

Well, Summer doesn't mind hiking at all if there is something to look at and explore along the way. Unfortunately the path we took was nothing but 5 miles of scenery and gravel path. Nothing that would interest a 9 year old.

We never did make it to the portion of the park I wanted to show Lucas but nevertheless I think at least he enjoyed the outdoor adventure. Can't say the same for my littlest one.

Here are some pics of our day....

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  1. She does look a little forlorn...... But you were all together and that is what really matters!