Friday, January 28, 2011

Rest In Peace

The year 2011 has not gotten off to the best start thus far. But on a more positive note it has not been disastrous and could always be worse, just annoying and heartbreaking. Just the way life rolls sometimes.

Aside from my oven, computer issues, and other minor annoyances the year has brought thus far, we had to euthanize my beloved almost 5 year old chihuahua, Brandi.

In the past year Brandi had taken a liking to the little male terrier a couple of houses down. Anytime they happened to be both outside at the same time they always sought each other out for company.

We had never had Brandi spayed because there had never been any real need in the past. This is the first time she has ever encountered any situations with neighborhood dogs. Well, if there is a will there is a way and my little Brandi ended up with a belly bulge and the promise of bouncing baby pups.

Quite honestly, we were excited. We had often talked about adding another dog to our home and liked the idea the new addition or two would be Brandi's blood.

Well, things didn't quite turn out the way we expected as things sometimes don't. Matter of fact, things suddenly took a turn for the worst. Brandi went into labor on schedule and gave birth to one pup. For whatever dog reason there may be, she ended up gnawing off the pups back legs and he died..or for all I know it was already dead when she gave birth. I pretty much was leaving her alone and letting nature take it's course.

I assumed from the size of her belly she had more than one pup in there. We waited and waited and waited, but by the next day no more pups had been born.

The next day was a Sunday. Brandi seemed okay but she wouldn't eat or drink and still looked poochy in the stomach. I wrapped her up and held in her in my arms most of that day. I decided I would take her to our local vet first thing when they opened Monday morning.

By late Sunday afternoon I decided to take her outside and let her do her business and enjoy some outdoor air...thinking it may brighten her spirits. We were only outside about 10 minutes but by the time I brought her back inside she had taken a turn for the worst. She started vomiting repeatedly. I was really getting worried by this time and instinctively knew that something was very wrong.

She was vomiting so much that she began dry heaving. I put some old blankets in the laundry basket and put her limp body in it so that I could have her contained but near me. Summer and I were loving on her and petting her when she lost control of her bowels while she was laying there.

At this point I knew her body was beginning to shut down and she would never make it until the vet opened the next morning. I knew in my heart she was going to die if I didn't get her help. I was scared, worried, and emotionally drained from the whole weekend ordeal. Even though I was trying to keep my emotions in check, Summer sensed my concern and began to get emotional asking me if she were going to die.

Toby was at work so I called him and informed him that I thought Brandi needed immediate vet attention. We got a recommendation from his boss for an all night vet clinic in Round Rock...a 30 minute drive from our house.

I can't see well to drive at night and never do unless I am forced. In the emotional condition I was in and trying to find a vet clinic in the dark in an unfamiliar area would have not been safe for any of us.

Luckily Toby was not busy and an hour away from the end of his shift so he was able to leave early, come home and grab us all for our rush to the vet. When we arrived at the clinic it was 8:30p.m Sunday night.

To be continued.....


  1. Oh, no. I am so sorry. Nothing is so hard as watching an animal you love suffer. I hope Summer is doing okay. So sad for you.......

  2. I'm so sorry. This sounds horrible for you and your family.

  3. Oh gosh...AGAIN I well with tears. I'm sure this was a hard post to write. Love you my dear friend.