Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colorado River Wildlife Sanctuary

Looks like all the chaos of the past couple of months is slowly coming to a lull. We have checked off many things on the "honey-do list" and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today we had to make a trip to Callahan's General Store in search of a few supplies. Ever since my friend Robin told us about Callahan's we have kept it on our favorites list.

We also had to have the oil changed in the 4-Runner. I always like to kill a couple birds with one stone when we are out so since we would be in the vicinity of the Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary I decided we would drag the mongrel along. I figured if we were going to be enjoying a little bit of the outdoors the dog should have the same pleasure.

We were also a little curious to see how he would react around water. Our goal for the summer is to be able to take him on camping and river trips.

Since the Colorado River Wildlife Sanctuary was nearby we decided to take a short hike along the river. This would be the first time we have ever walked this particular trail. It was obvious that this trail is one of the less populated and maintained hiking trails but we didn't mind at all. It gave us a chance to let Bo run around off leash without distracting things like other dogs and people...and we don't like crowds.

Although the water was too cold for us to wade around in for long, it was obvious that Bo has no fear of water. I think he will be a perfect playmate for Summer in the river.

Old Iron Bridge..


  1. Looks like such a fun time, makes me want to leave California when I see some of you outdoor photos.

  2. I hadn't realized they had made this area into a sanctuary. When I lived in Austin, the area near and under the bridges was a place you didn't go, period. Suppose that's changed now.

  3. @Pitchertaker...well, it is on the East side and it does look a little "sketchy" but we didn't get any bad vibes from the area. As I have said before, we are from lower Alabama and even the worst areas of Austin aren't as bad as where we came from. We ain't skeerd. :-)