Saturday, February 5, 2011

Out and About

Winters in the south are typically mild, but this year we have seemed to have more cold days in a row than in prior years. We've also had alot happen this year that has prevented us from doing "family fun stuff".

So true to the south's nature, it snowed yesterday but today it was warm enough to walk around in short sleeves. I decided to take advantage of the warm temps and sunshine and take Bo and Summer to the local park for some exercise and change of scenery.

Summer and I were "wowed" by the frozen water playscape at the pool....

I talked Summer into holding onto Bo's leash while she rode her scooter. I figured it would be fun for her and Bo....well, it was until Bo abruptly stopped to take a sniff at the pile of dog poop in the middle of the trail...


  1. I could do with a little day-time warmth right about now! The snow that cover our parking lot is now piled high in front of the building. I feel like I am hiding in here! I am hoping it will serve as a wind break.

  2. I love the waterpark picture. The brilliant sunshine makes it all the more amazing!