Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day started off with a bitchfest about the dog and just plain life in general. I have to make some changes in ranking around here and follow through with them. If I could catch a break it may be easier to enforce. I don't work well under pressure...never have, never will. Hence, the reason I keep my family small.

In truth, Valentines Day is no special day around here anyway. Matter of fact, Toby and I do not, and have never, celebrated Valentine's Day.

When we first met it was in January 2000. When our first Valentine's Day rolled around we had barely known each other a month. He bluntly informed me that he did not celebrate Valentines Day and for me not to expect a gift from him.

Most women would have been quite offended by his statement and may have even ended the relationship. As for me, I was quite relieved and also saw it as a sign that in the future our money would not be wasted on frivilous things or ideas. I'm not a good gift giver and him not celebrating Valentine's Day was a plus for me. It mean't that I wasn't going to have to go out and be succered into the love holiday either.

So ever since that day 11 years ago there are never any flowers, candlelight dinners, or candy exchanged on Valentine's Day.

Just so ya know though, he has been known in the past to surprise me with some flowers, candy, a new camera or other special gift on any given day just because he loves me. His motto is you should show your loved ones you love them everyday, not just one day out of the year.

Smart guy I would say.

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