Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Summer!

Although tomorrow is technically Summer's birthday, we had her party today. Birthday parties are always an iffy kind of thing for us. You never know how many kids will show even if you add in a R.S.V.P on the invitation. I usually just play it by ear. It's not like we have a large circle of friends anyway.

I don't believe people need to have a lot of friends. Friends are like kids, the the less you have the more individual attention you can devote therefore building a stronger personal relationship. That's just my doesn't necessarily make it the right view.

I think every year Summer strives to have the typical birthday party. Ya know, lots of kids, presents, party hats and streamers. She has always loved parties. When she was younger she would make up her own party invitations, plan games, and make a menu. She would then go around to the neighbors and tell them about her "party". Imagine my surprise when neighbors would show up with gifts and expectations of a party.

No matter, her birthday parties have always been on a smaller scale which always makes her sensory challenged mother very happy anyway. I do have to say that I ended up spending 7 hours in a place that I ended up feeling like I needed to visit a bar room before I went home. Gotta love kids.

Here are some highlights of her 10th Birthday Party at Austin's Park and Pizza....


  1. Happy Birthday to Summer!!! We've never been much for huge birthday bashes either. I'm always afraid that if I plan a shindig, that we will end up sitting there blowing candles out all by ourselves. Somehow we end up doing something different every year that makes everyone happy.

    That park looks pretty fun!!

  2. Happy Birthdy to your girl! Looks like she had great fun. I personally think that parents today are burdened trying to come up with unique party ideas. Last year my son and his wife hosted an Alice In Wonderland party for the two year old and five year old.

  3. Tell Summer HB for me.....good that she keeps are Mom moving.