Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost Memories

Recently my brother over at Buddy Newell's Daily Blog posted an entry about Hobbies. This particular post rang very true to me because lately I have been also feeling a strong urge for the creative aspect of myself. Growing up both my brother and I used to do a good bit of drawing. After all, back in our day entertainment options were limited and basic.

Matter of fact, one of the most memorable times of my childhood is when my mom signed me and my brother up for basic art lessons at the local community center one summer. I really enjoyed the lessons. I remember the instructor telling me I had photogenic eyes and a classical nose...whatever that meant. As much as I enjoyed it, these art lessons would be the first and only lessons I have ever had.....

Nowadays, one of the ways I enjoy expressing my creativity is through my photos. It's been a while since I have been able to use my camera creatively and my brothers post got me pumped. If you would like to check out some of his pics you can view them here. I am super proud of not only his photographic and writing abilities but his accomplishments in general.

Anyway, we woke up to a beautiful morning today and decided to take a trip to nearby McKinney Falls State Park. I was looking forward to making use of my camera and I took many pictures while we were hiking. I was so excited because my usually sour puss camera shy daughter was actually posing and asking me take pics of her up against the falls, against rocks, and offering many other poses.

I couldn't wait to get home and download them. That's the highlight to me after a trip where I have taken many pictures. Memories caught in time. I take memories very seriously.

Sadly, I made a major screw up by thinking my pics were transferred properly so I immediately deleted them from my camera. I do this because I hate it when I forget to delete them off my camera and end up with a ton of "trash" on my camera when I go to download again.

You guessed it....I lost every single picture that I took today. Memories down the drain. I can't even describe the disappointment but I sucked it up and tried to not think about all the wonderful pics I took that will remain a memory only in my mind until the end of time.

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