Friday, March 25, 2011


I don't have time to watch much T.V...actually T.V. is not my favorite pastime even if I had an extra 12 hours in my day. Just so happens though that my afternoon lull is usually around the time that Dr. Phil and Oprah or on. As I fold laundry or create my grocery list I catch snippets of each show.

I love Oprah. I only watch Dr. Phil out of curiosity. I wonder who in the hell would ever call the Dr. Phil show to air their dirty laundry to a man that only wants to exploit them to promote himself and an audience who only loves the drama of it all (I guess since I watch him I could be considered a drama craved audience member myself)

Even though I'm not a big fan of Dr. Phil, every so often I will hear something that catches my "ear".

One of them is..."Only boring people get bored." I can believe that one. I never get bored. I may get "bored" of doing the same thing over and over again like housework or taking care of family members, but I never bore. I can ALWAYS find something to entertain myself if left to my own devices.

I have also heard him say..."The same sex parent has the biggest influence on the child of the same sex." From experience I believe this to be true.

This quote was brought to my attention today as I watched Summer and one of her friends. I noticed that her friend, although the same age as Sum, acts much more "mature". She flips her hair and has a saunter to her walk. She carries herself in a way that says..."take me I'm yours". Summer is doing good if she brushes her hair and teeth everyday and doesn't seem to give a flip about physically impressing the opposite sex.

Watching Sum's little friend made me think about ole' Dr. Phil and his quote. I thought about all the female children I knew and their mothers. For the most part the female children I know do model their mothers in their behaviors.

For example, Summer is only slightly focused on her looks but maintains a very bossy, bitchy manner. Her little friend has a mother that is focused on her looks and the impression she leaves on the men in her life. Summer has a mother that tends to...well...not really care what men think of her and can boss and bitch at an expert level.

Every time my son comes to visit he points out how Summer acts like me. He doesn't bring it up in a way that makes me feel proud

Toby got lucky. If our daughter turns out to be less than desirable the blame won't fall on him.


  1. Oprah and Phil, the dynamic duo of daytime time killing! It's about time you started posting again, sis!

  2. My dear brother I have been posting for a while now...have you missed out on my posts somehow???? Love ya!!

  3. I over heard my older daughter talking to her 3-year old the other day - in the exact language I used with her. LOL! I know it would just annoy her if I pointed it out, however, which I promptly did!

  4. Um that would be "overheard"

  5. Dr. Phil and Judge Judy come on during our downtime and is my secret 'trashy tv' veg out time. It's nice to know that other people do that too!!!!

    And I think it's great Summer is becoming like you. The world needs a few more sassy women and a few less obsessed with how they appear to others! Great job, Mama!!!!