Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bone Dry

We chose this beautiful day to explore one of our favorite hiking destinations, Barton Creek Greenbelt. Most of the hiking trails in our area are miles long so we have the benefit of visiting any particular trail numerous times and still exploring a different section with each visit.

The trail meanders along several miles of Barton Creek. We always try to choose a trail that runs along a water source because (a) hiking near the water breaks up the scenery and gives us all something extra to explore.(b) it's a good way to cool ourselves off (c) it gives the dog a way to cool off and and get a drink.

Mistake. No rain, no creek. This is nothing unusual for Barton Creek. Last time we were at the creek it was a water lover's dream...not so much this time.

We were slightly disappointed when we reached the creek only to find a bone dry creek bed...especially Bo who we brought no water for expecting that he would have creek water to drink and cool off in.

All was not lost though. The trail was nice and shady and for future reference this particular part of the trail has numerous swimming areas when we happen to get some steady, sufficient rainfall.

We probably would have walked more along the creek if there had been water, but because of the conditions we only ended up hiking a couple of miles. I was surprised that Summer remained in a positive non-complaining mode the whole hike considering the unexpected circumstances. I reckon miracles do happen every so often..

Every time we go to Barton Summer is always intriqued by the rock climbing wall. There are usually a few rock climbers on the wall when we go there but Sum was the only one at the time. All she needed was some gear and she would have been set to go..

Bridge over "creek"...

Bo says.."Where is my daddy going without me?"....

Chillin' on a boulder....

All we could do was imagine how cool this swimming hole is when it's at it's water capacity..

Until next time....


  1. I really love how you expose your daughter to Mother Earth. That is so wonderful.

  2. What a lovely place to explore, it is the same here, no water in the creeks and lakes :(
    Oh, and your dog is a real cutie.

  3. Looks like another dry year in your part of the country. I would love to see the cycle change where we would get less snow and you'd get more rain.