Friday, April 29, 2011

The Little Guy

The past few months I have been thinking a lot about the little guy. You know, the guy that gets no recognition because his/her contribution to society is not considered glamorous, commendable, important, recognizable, valuable, significant, etc.

I remember once while I was watching the Price Is Right, Drew Carey was passing the mic doing his usual questioning of the contestants - where do you live, what do you do for a living, tell me about your life kind of stuff.

The first contestant was a female. He asked her what she did and she said.."I'm a stay at home mom." He haphazardly acknowledged it and quickly passed the mic to the male contestant.

Drew asked contestant #2 the same question. The male contestant proceeded to tell Drew that he was a helicopter pilot for the military. Boy, this really excited Drew and he went on to pat the helicopter pilot on the back for the wonderful job he had and how his family must be so proud of him.

I found it a little ironic that Drew was so proud of a man that possibly, if not most likely, had a hand in killing many a stay at home mom's innocent son(s) while doing such a commendable job....

Anyway, for whatever reason that episode of Price is Right sticks out in my mind.

It helped bring to my attention all the people who get no recognition for a job well done.

The garbage man for instance. I'd hate to see what my home and yard would look like if there were no garbage men.

Janitors - I bet the employees of some establishments don't even think about how that clean toilet they are sitting on got that way or how their garbage can got so empty overnight.

What about the parks? If there were not anyone picking up dead limbs, keeping trails maintained and picking up trash a park experience would not be as pleasant.

Oh, and what about customer service? These people probably make chump change and have to be the subject of displaced aggression daily and most likely hourly.

The list goes on.

Why don't we all take out time in our daily lives to thank and acknowledge the little guy. I think his job is just as important as anybody elses because without him some other more important guy would be doing his job.

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  1. I make it a point to have a bit of conversation with my oil delivery man, my postman, the UPS guy, The FedEx woman, the woman who throws my morning paper, the guy who drives the recycling/garbage truck, etc. The woman who comes to clean my house every two weeks is a photographer when she's not working at her cleaning business. I know all these people who make my life no only easier, but in many ways possible.