Monday, April 25, 2011


I was excited when Lucas called me a few days before Easter and informed me he would be making the long drive to Austin for the weekend. I have a million reasons to love that kid, but him taking out time and energy to make that long drive as frequently as he does just to see his ole' mom, sis, and step dad makes my heart melt.

We ended up not really doing a whole lot but hanging out together. That was perfectly fine with me. I find the most comfort in just having us all together under the same roof like we used to be.

Lucas helped me plant some yuccas I got from the dump last week (don't ask). Lucky for him we have a nice pool to cool off in....

Saturday morning me and Lucas got up early. He went one way and I went the other.

Mr. Glutton for Punishment just had to ride the trails at Emma Long. Mind you, these are some of the most difficult trails to ride in the whole U.S.A. And just like last time he rode them, he came back with some battle wounds. Crashing on rock is never a pretty sight. The mother in me is not allowing him to ride them again without proper protection.

I, on the other hand, was doing a little Easter candy shopping...along with the rest of Austin. I thought I had arrived at Walmart early enough to beat the crowds but I guess everyone else had the same idea.

On the way home I noticed one of those flimsy wire signs stuck in the side of the road. Thanks to the million mile an hour winds and swift traffic, all I could read was Helicopter Easter egg drop, the date and the name of the park where they were to be dropped.

Sounded like it would be fun for us all to me - Egg hunt for Summer, aircraft for Lucas, outdoors for me, a walk for the dog, and for Toby...well, just being with us???

I sped home to gather the family in time for this helicopter Easter egg drop. By the time we got back to the park there were crowds of folks waiting for the loot to drop.

Upon arrival, I soon came to realize that a church was hosting the egg drop. Great. I knew what that meant....

As instructed we headed to the line to "register" for the egg drop. The free registration required us to give our name, rank, and serial number.

Luckily, I have been through this sort of registration enough that I knew to give enough false information that the enemy would not end up at my door trying to recruit me in the future.

We were sectioned off by Summer's age group. The helicopter had to make several rounds before he made the drop to her group.

Although not all that exciting, I do have to say that we all were a bit intrigued watching the helicopter drop eggs onto the ground from above.

When the time came to race for loot it was like "flies on shit" as my dad used to say. Summer got lost somewhere in the crowd as the thousands of eggs were swept up in a blink.

When we finally caught back up with her she had only managed to pick up one egg out of thousands...ONE EGG! She also managed to get a bumped knee from a grown woman who shoved her out of the way to grab an egg for her child...this scenario very closely resembled some Mardi Gras parades I have been to.

No big loss on the eggs anyway. The ones we saw were filled with stickers and plastic candy. O'well, beggars can't be choosers.

After the hunt we decided to go use our tickets for hot dogs, sprite and water we got from our free registration. As we were standing in line we were informed that they were out of hot dogs and sprite. We did manage a couple of bottles of water.

Karma. I guess if I wouldn't have given false information on my free registration card the Lord would have blessed Sum with an abundance of eggs, an unscathed knee, and a hot dog for our hungry stomachs...

Just kidding, we had fun anyway..thanks to the egg dropping helicopter.

Easter eve I had this grand plan that me and the kids would dye Easter eggs. Well....I ended up dying eggs mostly by myself. The kids were watching a movie and seemed disinterested in the activity...except for eating the eggs anyway. :-)

Easter morning Lucas was scheduled to leave out by noon. I decided so that we ALL would be having fun, I would not cook and that we would allow Cafe 290 to feed us our Easter brunch.

I LOVE Cafe 290....we all love Cafe 290. There are not many Southern home cookin' type places in Austin...even in the bedroom communities. Cafe 290 cuisine is southern cooking and charm with a dash of Tex Mex somewhere rolled in it.

Technology...the kids eyes stayed glued to their "toys" while we waited on our Easter brunch.

Then it was goodbye to Lucas until July, and hello to a start to a new week.


  1. Your easter egg hunt adventures are still making me chuckle! Which fake name did you use? Lou Cifer? I.P. Daily? Hee hee!

  2. Your story begs one to ask, what kind of eggs were they dropping?