Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pace Bend

Since I am the anointed travel planner in my household, I try to have our weekly destination already planned and mapped out before the day before the day actually arrives.

This week for whatever indecisive reason I couldn't figure out where I wanted to go. I think I really just wanted to stay home and do nothing but I know that staying home and doing nothing is impossible when hubby and the kid are home so I sucked it up and thought up a quick random destination.

We ended up going to Pace Bend Park. Pace Bend is said to be a local favorite and we still have not been there yet.

Put bluntly, I didn't like it there. When we first drove in the place just looked barren and drab in comparison to other places on the lake we have been to. There also seemed to be a over abundant supply of teenagers/young adults hanging around and about the swimming areas. From my first impression the area we were in was not very "family friendly".

We decided to hop in the car and check out other areas of the park. Luckily the scenery got a little better around the bend. Unfortunately, we were not warned upon paying our $10 entrance fee that most of the coves around the bend were "closed or the winter". I'm assuming that no one has informed Travis County Parks Dept. that winter has been long gone in our area.

We did manage to find an open cove to explore. It was a nice view but the bluff was so steep, we still couldn't access the water..which is always our goal.

As usual, we made the best of the day as we could. Needless to say, it was a short day out. Maybe one day if I ever run out of other places to visit, I will go back and check out all those other coves that were closed off for the winter. Surely, I must have missed something....


  1. Bless you Lusky, I know that feeling, of hearing about a place and when I finally get there, well, feeling rather flat, disappointed. There is still beauty in the photos you posted, so it wasn't all bad :)

  2. I've never seen the lake so low.....hope it rains down your way soon.

  3. You are always on an adventure, it seems. Perhaps one day you will take a road trip and end up here!

  4. We spent many a day at Pace Bend- if you are skiing it's great to beach the boat- if not it's BOOOOORRRRING! You've been to Emma Long right? It's COLD but better- there's a park at least.