Sunday, October 9, 2011


Rain is something most people complain about. I know I have been known to. But after the past couple of years of living without it you come to miss it.

Yes, since we have moved to Central Texas we have been in a drought, but this last year has been the worst on record for us.

I came from an area where afternoon showers are a common thing, to an area where you wake up every morning and it's a beautiful day..every day, day in and day out. As Toby once said.."The meteorologist here have it made."

But after a while you come to miss the rain. The ground begins to crack, trees begin to wilt, flowers die, water restrictions start being enforced, wildlife dies or can't reproduce, farmers crops suffer, and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter because there is no moisture to cool things off.

Where I live, when it rains people jump for joy. It's like seeing snow in the South. They stand out on their porch and watch in amazement. Kids run around playing in it.

As I type this post, it is finally raining and has been steady for the last 2 hours. We even got a little rain yesterday. I hope this is the beginning of a new weather trend and we will begin to see a little more rain, but if it's not, I'm thankful for the rain we are getting...and I'm sure the trees, flowers, and animals surely appreciate it.


  1. I understand this so well, we have had the best winter since I have been living here, the summers are awfully hot and dry, and the last two winters had seen very little rain. Water restrictions have been in place since we moved to Australia, but, now thankfully after a wonderfully wet winter I am hopeful that they will be lifted a little, like you I think of the plants and wildlife suffering from the long spells without water.

  2. Wow. That's fabulous! I hope the trend continues for you.

    We've had a rather dry month up here in MN, but it recently rained...right on top of all the leaves that just fell. Not so pleasant. But we'll make it work, anyhow.

  3. All my Austin friends are like you -- out celebrating and talking about the rain, glorious rain. We lived through a couple "summers from hell" while living in Austin, and I remember them well. If I were still there, I'd be one of the kids out playin' in it.