Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Thoughts on Paper

Over the past several months or more I have been seriously contemplating dumping my blog. For some reason or another I always end up coming back to it as if it's crack cocaine.

I never knew exactly why I kept coming back until the other night when I had to go back into time on my blog and search for some personal info.

As I scanned through all my posts I took note to how much Summer has grown in just a short few months.

I saw Lucas in random posts and it gave me the comfort and knowing that he will be back again.

I saw all the fun we have when our family members visit and I was also comforted by the visual evidence of how full our lives have been since our move to Texas 4 years ago.

I couldn't imagine not keeping those memories going now matter how insignificant they may seem to blog at the time. Those memories are what snap me back into the moment and enjoy...the moments caught in time.

Since entering the blog world a few years ago, I have read some exceptionally interesting and well written blogs. Over time I have narrowed my favorites down to a select few that I look forward to checking in on each week.

I think somewhere along the way I got caught up in whether I would post something based on whether someone would enjoy reading it or not.

Shame on me. I know better...

So, I trudge on in the blog world for the self-satisfaction I get from watching my life and my family grow day by day....via my personal blog.


  1. Probably not said enough, but I, too, have enjoyed seeing Summer grow, and have enjoyed your outings. You have showed me places I've never seen even though I lived in Austin for many years. I, for one, will miss you if you leave the blogging world.

  2. You always give me a taste of another world, a place, that without you I would never have seen.
    I write for me, sometimes I write a lot of posts before anyone leaves a comment, but, like you I look back and see the story I have left, and the changes I have made, and for that reason I keep writing for myself, to allow myself the ability to see how things change, day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year......

  3. Glad you're staying. To me, your blog, is another way that helps me to stay connected to someone who I love...and miss. I'd miss seeing you, Sum, Toby and the mutt...I love glimpsing into your special adventures and sometimes everyday life. I'm blessed that I knew you...I'm thankful that I still know you...and I'm grateful that through your blog & facebook that we'll be forever friends ;~)