Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tattoo Me

Those of you that know me personally or follow my blog know that my hubby, Toby is a Tattoo Artist.

Well, recently he tattooed me...the third of my small collection actually. Although the previous two are somewhat small and inconspicuous my most recent one is plastered as big as it can be as a half sleeve on my right arm.

I'll be honest, when hubby suggested the design,  which he designed himself,  I was more than a little reluctant. Not because I didn't love the design but because tattoos are not something you'd expect of someone who is creeping up on the age of 48.  It sends a message: 'She's a little wild.'  In addition, I grew up in a generation that really didn't identify with tattoos - but the more I am surrounded by it here in Austin the more I come to appreciate the art of tattooing.

To back this post up a little bit, for the past several months Toby has been doing some appearances on a local television show called The Bling Johnson Show that highlights local artists and musicians. Toby met "Bling" a couple of years ago when he became his tattoo artist. At the time Bling just did a lot of YouTube stuff in and around Austin but had decided to widen his horizons and go local to help promote our local artists. He respects and admires Toby's work as an artist and asked him if he would be a part of the show.

To make a long story short, I inadvertently volunteered myself not only to get a large half-sleeve tattoo but also to have it filmed on local television. For anyone interested in seeing the episode here is the link. Our segment is near the beginning so you won't have to wait long to see the tattoo section if you don't have time to sit through the whole episode.

As nervous as I was about the whole thing, I ended up having a good time with the filming and ended up loving my tattoo way more than what I thought I would. Matter of fact, I LOVE IT and feel very comfortable and proud sporting it around.

Take a gander.....


  1. Toby did you some good, I would say.

  2. You looked great in the video! I cracked up when Bubba "poked" Toby! I watched that part three times.

  3. I saw this when you first posted, but didn't get to watch the link til today. Love that tattoo! What a fun memory, doing that on the show!

    What a wonderful piece of art.
    LOVE it :)

  5. Watching the video I was very impressed, having just had my, somewhat smaller tattoo recently (as you know) I think I would have been a little less calm, it must have been so tender in some parts, so so so impressed. If I ever get to Austin, might have to get me one of Toby's tattoos my self.