Sunday, May 6, 2012


Last week me and Toby decided to hike a different section of Lady Bird Lake. Our goal is to explore the whole 11 mile loop a couple of miles at a time. We started off at one of the pedestrian bridges that leads to the Johnson Creek Trail head...

Most of our hike was devised of bridges surrounded by the Mopac Expressway.  Although not really all that scenic it was an interesting and different sort of  hike than what is typical around the lake.
Off of the main trail there were many little trails that branched off. We finally decided to just go a little ways down each one since we really didn't know where each one led or how far around the loop it would take us.

On the way home I couldn't help but to feel grateful that my hubby loves to hike and explore as much as I do. It certainly wouldn't be near as much fun by myself.

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  1. Very different hiking, indeed. I love the bridges pictures! It looks like it would be a great bike riding place.