Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waller Creek Greenbelt

Our weekly hike was along Waller Creek Greenbelt that runs through the middle of downtown Austin. After hiking it I'm not exactly sure why it is called a creek, a greenbelt or why it is even considered a hike.

I'm also pretty sure that I'm one of the very few people that would enjoy this particular "hike". The creek trail is more for storm drainage and a haven for the homeless than it is picturesque.

I love the Spanish architecture so popular in this area and it saddens me to see such a beauty wasting away. More positively I have heard rumors that Austin is restoring this particular area for it's own version of a Riverwalk.

Because of the restoration project the entrance to the trail beginning at  Waterloo Park and other portions of the trail were closed off.

I still enjoyed envisioning what it may look like one day.....all while holding my nose from the overwhelming smell of homeless folk's urine.

Tucked away in the middle of the pathway was a inviting little pool. We stood there and lusted after it a bit then moved on.  Nice.....

Because of the closures from the  restoration project we just headed out into the downtown streets to finish up our hike. I spotted this interesting looking design on the side of a large building. I loved the way the golden colored tree leaves (it was probably dead) contrasted with the checkered blue...

Street Art

And of course, the Capitol of Texas

I don't think Toby enjoyed this particular hike as much as I did. I guess I will have to let him pick the hike next time.


  1. You managed to capture the picturesque-ness quite nicely. I would totally stay there if I was homeless!

  2. Too bad Austin is such a haven for the the chronic homeless. We didn't call the homeless in my day, we called them hippies.