Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pflugerville Skate Park

Yesterday Skye suggested we go to the skate park today. I was glad that someone besides me had made a decision about what to do with our day so I immediately agreed. I also knew the forecast for the day was going to be sunny and warm which makes a day outdoors a must. I also love the hike trail at the skate park.

The trail was desolate so our hike to the skate park was nice. Once we got to the park I realized I had forgotten it was spring break week so the skate park was a little crowded. We did enjoy sitting on the bleachers watching people bust their butts.

When we were about to leave I also found out Skye's true motive for wanting to go to the skate park. When we go to this particular park I always let her practice her driving skills. She is obsessed with the idea of the day she can drive a car and get out and get a job.  I know she is only 12, but I'd like to think this is a good sign of motivation in the latter years.

The very first time I ever let her drive - after her relentless begging - I was very surprised at the ease she has behind the wheel. No slamming on breaks or revving up the gas on take off on her first trial run. She's definitely a natural behind the wheel, which will work to my advantage one day in the not so far off future.

Memories from our day....

Taking a water break

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