Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sherwood Forest Faire

After having attended the "big" Renaissance Festival that happens every year two hours away in Plantersville, Texas I was not prepared to be so impressed with any other Medieval related festival. We have always been super impressed with Ren Fest in Plantersville and still are, but after checking out the Sherwood Forest Faire  in McDade which is much, much closer to home I think we will head there from now on instead.

Not 10 minutes after we walked in the entrance Summer exclaimed how much better it was than  Ren Fest. It did immediately have a smaller more personal feel while still having everything the bigger Ren Fest does. It also was much less crowded and therefore we got to see and experience it on a more up close and personal level. The performers also seemed to be more "into it" posing willingly for pictures and purposely interacting with the crowd...or maybe it just seemed that way because we didn't have to fight a crowd.

Even though Summer had her friend with her she still mentioned a couple of times how she wished her dad was with us. I don't blame her. We knew he would have really enjoyed it and we don't do many things without Toby with us. Toby is what makes our outings fun and full of personality. He's also a very good sport at hanging out with us girls. Hopefully next year he can schedule the time off for the weekend in advance....

Photo trip through our day at the Faire....

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