Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Girl

Today is Skye's 12th birthday. This is the first year she opted out of having a party. She has always loved parties and has requested and even planned her own parties in the years gone.

Lucas had originally planned to drive to Austin for the week of her birthday/Easter, but unexpected work related travel came up that prevented him from making the trip. Skye (as were we all) was a bit upset about him not coming and decided that nothing that we did  for her "day" would be any fun without him so she ended up requesting a quite birthday at home. Secretly, I was relieved.

Her "cake" of choice was a cookie cake. Since it was her birthday I honored her request but just the looks of that gigantic cream filled ball of sugar gagged me. I don't often crave sweets and when I do it's usually something in the dark chocolate category. I also knew that Toby with his gluten issues would not be able to help out in the consumption of the large cookie cake. I also know that from experience Skye will eat only a couple of pieces of it before she also will find it "gross".  I guess I'm going to have to enlist my neighbors help to rid me of that grotesque food source sitting on my kitchen counter.

It was a pretty uneventful birthday. Other than the helicopter Skye and I watched hover very low over the neighborhood for about 30 minutes in search of...something or someone, our day was spent like any other ordinary day.

When it came time to eat the cookie, Skye requested there to be no singing, but that we could light one candle for her to blow out and take a couple of pics. We granted her request....

Happy 12th Birthday Skye!!

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