Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

Monday night "Bling"from the Bling Johnson Show came over to help us out with some commercial advertising. Toby and Bling have a bartering relationship when it comes to business.... really, Toby has a bartering relationship with most all his "hired help".

In a rare occurrence it rained all day Monday so we had only two volunteers out of the many that volunteered brave enough to get out and battle Austin traffic in a rain storm...or that's what I'm attributing it to anyway.

I'm sure "Bling" will make it work. I hope he doesn't think I didn't notice that he inconspicuously lured me into a couple of  the scenes. I am soooooo not photogenic or T.V. personality. I am much more comfortable behind the scenes....

Toby is not fashion savvy in the least. He doesn't realize that his pants are now 3 sizes too big, 10 years out of date,  and that white socks and black shoes are an unacceptable way to present yourself unless you are wearing black Patton and a  five year old girl headed to Sunday School. I am going to have a serious conversation with him about this very soon.

Never a dull day lately......

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