Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Birthday Boy Day

Today is Toby's 39th birthday. The birthday tradition in our family follows as the birthday boy (or girl) gets to choose ANYTHING they want to do that day and all the other family members in the household have to agree to do it without argument and with a smile. No excuses or exceptions.  Birthday's are usually the only days in our family where there is freedom from petty disagreements.

Today Toby chose to go to Rio Vista Park on the San Marcos River. It's one of our favorite places to go but with starting the business we haven't had the chance to go this summer.

Oddly and rarely enough, the day called for a large chance of rain from a system that was passing through. The temp was also 80 degrees which for a Texan is considered "cool".  We are accustomed to the sun blazing and temps in the 100's in the summer time.

The spring water on the river feels like ice even when it's 100 + outside so I already had it in my mind that I would sit on the rocks utilizing my camera and enjoying the scenery with the overcast/drizzly sky and it's measly 80 degrees.

Due to the weather nobody but a couple of folks were out sitting on the river's edge so it was nice to have the place all to ourselves.

I stuck my toe in the water and it felt like ice water. My water obsessed dog was even a little reluctant to make the splash but it didn't take much coercion from Toby before he dove in....

Skye had already planned that she wasn't going in the water before we even left the house. She had a bad wreck on her bike a couple of days ago and had some pretty bad "war wounds" on her knees, side, and shoulder. Her wrist is also sprained and bruised so she didn't feel she would be able to swim confidently against the strong currents in the river. I didn't argue with her. Even though the water looks docile I know how easily those mini rapids can pull you under....

Her favorite part of the day was the Oreo snacks

The sun shone it's face for a little bit and I succumbed to the water. I love the freshness and crispness of spring water and I couldn't resist slowly immersing my body in until I acclimated to the icy water. It's such a clean, refreshing feeling compared to the warm salty, sticky feeling the ocean has to offer....

The birthday boy enjoying the water.....

I hope he had as much fun on his birthday as I did.

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