Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brain Blip

I can't believe I forgot to post about the delicious gluten free cookie pie I made Toby for his birthday. Finding simple gluten free dessert options has been challenging for me. Made from scratch they require more ingredients than I like to deal with. It's not as simple as flour, butter and eggs anymore, and GF rice flours and other ingredients that are needed in addition to the mixture are more expensive than I want to pay for as little as I would use them. Remember, I'm Miss Simplicity here.

 Luckily Toby isn't a big dessert fan, but I know that he likes to have something dessert-ish every once in a while so a couple of weeks before his birthday I started to search GF dessert sites and found a couple that looked easy and good enough to try.

The one I chose here was a hit with all three of us!!! Toby actually made himself physically sick off of it one night. Most of all it was super easy for me to prepare. Because it was a never tried recipe and for a special occasion I was really scared it wouldn't turn out. Luckily, this time my fears did not manifest...

Since we have gone gluten free I do more food prep than I care to, but it's a necessity now. Quite honestly, I don't mind cooking its the cleaning up afterwards part I don't like.

Anyway, initially my goal was to post some of our favorite GF dishes but I got busy with the business and blogging got pushed to the bottom of my priority list.  Now that everything has settled down a bit, I will be posting more often.

One more thing I wanted to make note of. Skye is a somewhat picky eater. What I mean is that when she is left to her own devices she will pop a frozen pizza into the microwave or make herself a sandwich if she gets hungry between meals instead of grabbing a carrot or apple out of the fridge.

I have found with her it's all in the way food is presented. When I have time or when I feel like she's needing more healthy food in her diet I make her what I like to call 'snack trays'. For whatever reason when I prep her healthy food in this way she devours it as if it were a candy bar.

I have different versions that I make depending on what I have in the fridge for the week. Sometimes it's nuts and crackers and cheese, celery or banana topped with peanut butter, basic spinach salad with cucumber and topped with cheese, etc. Her recent favorite is frozen banana ice cream.  I can even get her friends to eat healthy food when I present it to them in this sort of display.......

For dinner tonight I made some very delicious GF Spaghetti and Turkey Spinach Meatballs. I have been having a hard time finding GF pasta that tasted like real pasta but the other day my very generous gluten intolerant neighbor brought me a package over to try out. It passed the test.

Skye ate only the meatballs. She said she wasn't even hungry but they were so good she kept asking for more. Here is a link for the GF Turkey Spinach Meatballs.


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