Thursday, January 29, 2015

Spare Time

I'd like to say that I crochet in my spare time, but honestly sometimes I forgo things like laundry and cleaning toilets to manipulate those beautiful colors of string into works of art.

This is a soap holder/washcloth duo that I whipped up for a friend who makes homemade soaps. In turn I received some heavenly smelling soaps for my baths.

Before Christmas my cousin contacted me about making her a matching tree skirt for her white Christmas tree. I scrounged around my healthy yarn stash for the colors she was looking for and I yarned my days away until I finished it and presented it to her as an early Christmas gift.

This afghan I started from an inspiration I saw on Pinterest. Skye eyed it the whole time I worked on it so I gave it to her.

I'm a big fan of small crochet projects. I love the idea of starting something and finishing it up the same day. This little gingerbread boy was a nice addition to my tree this past Christmas.

This is another one of my Pinterest inspired projects. I LOVED working on this granny square cat because it was a little different than my usual creations.

While Lucas and Emily were here for Christmas Emily loved the striped afghan I had made for Skye and expressed an interest in having one for their sofa. I just finished it up the other day and plan to mail it out to them soon.

I plan on spending more time on smaller projects in the future just because I tend to get bored working on the same project for weeks at a time.

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