Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year in the Life

Time flies. Everyone says it and everyone knows it but yet everyone says it like it's a new discovery.

Like every other year - aside from the ones where I was anticipating the age of 18 or trapped in a dysfunctional marriage, this one was no different. Time flew.

It wasn't a bad year at all. Nothing exciting or extraordinary, but luckily nothing devastating either.

Looking back on the year.....

* Skye started her menstrual cycle - She's growing up fast

* A few mini vacations and a camping trip - These little getaways are rejuvenating for my otherwise
   mundane existence

* Lucas got engaged - It makes me happy that he found someone to share his life with

* Toby turned 40 - ...and para sailed with Skye at South Padre

* I turned the big 50 - Getting older and wiser

* I quit running - I somehow injured/fractured my foot so now I have reduced myself to power
   walking. Interestingly enough, I have maintained my weight even though I toned down my
   morning exercise routine.

I look forward to another year of the day and the life.

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