Thursday, December 17, 2015

Austin Anniversary

This morning I looked at my phone and saw a date that had a familiarity to it. December 16, the day we moved to Austin exactly 8 years ago.

I've lived here long enough now to know it's the place I want to live out the rest of my existence and the place I will always return to if I ever get the chance to venture about. It's now where I call it my landing spot or what others may call home.

Today Toby and I took a walk around downtown.....

I love this old tower that sits on the edge of the lake. There is interesting history behind the Buford Tower.
Buford Tower

The lake boardwalk

Looking towards downtown from the boardwalk

Remembering the homeless

Stevie Ray

After our walk, we celebrated our Texas anniversary with a Purple 'Rita. If you've never had one of Baby A's Purple 'Rita's before, I urge you to do so. I will warn you though, they are pretty toxic even for a seasoned drinker like myself. I suppose that's why they only limit you to two...or so I've heard. I've never needed more than two of these bad boys....

It was a lovely day.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I have wanted to go on that boardwalk and take photos. Maybe sometime we can meet up there?