Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Sibling Day

I don't usually pay much attention to appreciation days, but since I had recently been going through all our family photos looking for specific photos for a crochet project I'm working on, it piqued my interest.

I soon realized that because of the big age difference between me and my younger brother and our youngest brother, there weren't too many to choose from.

Matter of fact, that I know of, there aren't any of us all three together in our older years. No wedding photos, no holidays or special occasion photos, etc., are we photographed together in a sibling photo.

I thought about posting them to Facebook and then I figured nobody on crackbook would give a fuck anyway. Anyone who is interested in what I have to say reads my blog, so that's where I decided to post them...

All these pictures above depict when my younger brother and I considered our youngest brother cute and fun. He was the last and youngest child, so as he got older he became more of a thorn in our side than a source of joy. In our parents eyes he did no wrong. I don't blame my parents. My younger brother and I were the first children Guinea pigs and he reaped the benefits of their learned parenting lessons. Lucky him.

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