Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday we met up with some friends at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Although we've been there a few times, we've never been during Texas wildflower season.

The place was packed with cars not only with Texas tags, but tags from states all over the U.S. Apparently, the Wildflower Center is a tourist attraction.

The wildflowers are showing off this season and in abundance at the Wildflower Center they were even more showy.

I was busy socializing so I didn't get too many pictures. Plus, I already have an over abundance of pictures of wildflower from over the years....

Since we had been there last, they had made many improvements and additions that make it totally worth the $10 entrance fee during wildflower season.

The kids and teens weren't too impressed with the wildflowers, but loved the tree swings....

Thursday Toby and loaded up the bikes and headed downtown for a ride around Town Lake. We rode our bikes to P.Terry's downtown to grab a bite to eat before our ride. We like this particular P.Terry's because they have a nice outdoor sitting area. The Grackles can get pretty bad with their begging out there. Not long ago, one female Grackle got bold  and flew by and snatched a fry out of Toby's hand as the fry was headed into his mouth. It's one of those videos that would have went viral if I had recorded it.....of course, there is no way we could have known it was about to happen. It's one of those things we won't ever forget, it was so funny, or to me anyway.

The color of the lake was so beautiful today....

I believe this was part of some art project, but I can't remember exactly what the name of it was now...

It's been a nice week.

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  1. We were at the Ladybird Boardwalk today with my aunt and uncle! That's funny. We saw the blue rope-like hills as well and were wondering what they were. Beautiful photos.