Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Driving

For a few months Skye and I have been doing what I call "Sunday Driving". About once a week or so, we will take off in the car and go exploring the old back country farm roads in our area.

Our last trip had plenty of picture worthy things to snap, but as the driver of the car it's not so easy for me to do. Skye snapchatted a few things though.

Today's trip didn't give us as many visuals, but there was one section of the road that was really desolate.

It allowed me to stop the car and take a picture of a family of cows at the edge of the fence. I couldn't help but roll the window down and moo at them....just like daddy used to do when we would pass by a pasture. Skye wasn't as impressed at my mooing as my brother and I used to be when daddy did it...

We were enjoying the drive and all was fine and dandy until we came upon a turtle trying to cross the road. Typically, I'm one of those people you see stopped off the side of the road to help it on across, but as we got closer we could tell he had already been hit and half his shell was missing. To make it worse he was stuck there with his legs moving trying to scoot on across.

It was heartbreaking as fuck to me and Skye both. We are both super sensitive when it comes to animals being hurt.

I contemplated stopping to at least help it on across to the side of the road to die peacefully, but I decided that if I stopped and saw the extent of his damage and pain I would fall apart emotionally in the middle of the road and get smacked myself.

I silently hoped that at least some back road speed demon would soon come along and put him out of his misery. I've thought about that god damn wounded turtle the whole afternoon. I wish I could un-see it.

I believe Skye felt the same way. Her unsaid words were, "We shall never speak of the turtle again."

On a different note, here are couple of my finished crochet projects.

This one I'm pretty proud of. I posted it on a Crochet FB page I'm a member of and it got 1.7K "likes" I boast this only because generally, I'm not very "popular" on my personal FB page....

I also made me some car cup holder coasters. I hate it when I have a drink in my holder and it's wet from the drink....

Here's a small stroller blanket I worked up.....

And some coasters.....

That's about it.

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  1. That crochet top is the cutest thing ever! I have been wanting a crochet halter top for quite a while now and that is just beautiful!