Saturday, October 1, 2016

Round Rock Chalk Walk

With Toby working back at Atomic, he has acquired a new work schedule, which includes Saturday's off.

I was pretty stoked about that. For most of our 9 years in Austin, he has worked weekends, so now we are able to enjoy some of the fun things that only happen on the weekend as a family.

Today we all went to the Round Rock Chalk Walk. It was a nice event and worthwhile...if you don't mind crowds, that is.

Here are some works of art I captured....

There was also food, booths, and characters I didn't recognize....

I couldn't resist the candy shop we passed by on our walk back to the car. I didn't get any candy, but me and Skye got a yummy pineapple, mint and lime drink. Toby got a candy bar, but I let him take a sample of my drink.....

It was a fun day, and I look forward to doing more events.

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  1. Wow! Lots of talent there. Pineapple pie sounds yummy.