Sunday, September 16, 2007

The "Big" City of Troy

Ya know how sometimes when your expecting to have a really bad time, and you end up having a really good time? Well, that's how it was for me this past week. Toby had been asked to do a guest spot at an old friend of his' tattoo shop in Troy, AL. I had really debated on whether I would go with him or not. He would be working most of the time so I had mostly decided in the end that I wouldn't go. I would be trapped in a motel room with a 6 year old in a strange town and that didn't really sound all that appealing to me. Toby really acted like he wanted Summer and I to go and I decided that there wouldn't be much entertainment if we stayed here in Mobile we went.

We left on Thurs. and got to Troy in the afternoon. After we checked into our motel and grabbed a bite to eat Toby took off for the shop leaving Summer and I to fend for ourselves. We mostly watched cable T.V (because we don't have it at home) and I lounged around reading magazines. Not bad so far.

Here's a pic of Toby and Tim in front of Tim's shop.

On Friday after Toby left, Summer and I ventured around the city checking out some thrift stores and other stores that we don't have in Mobile. Later on after we got back to the room I took Summer out to the pool and she swam while I read some more magazines. Ahhhh, so far, the life.

Here's a pic of a rainbow Summer spotted outside of the motel after a a rain shower. It was a really beautiful double rainbow, but of course this pic does it no justice because I could only get half it.

After being in Troy for 2 days I quickly realized that Troy State University is a really big deal to people around here and that "the game" they kept talking about was an even bigger deal. Toby and I, not being college or sports fans, felt a little out of place when we were asked if we were there for "the game". We were usually met with raised eyebrows when we informed them we were not in town for the game. Of course in the end, for my own curiosity, I found out who won the game. (Troy won!)

While in the motel lobby, Toby found some brochures on some attractions in Troy. There wasn't but a couple but I hit the jackpot with one called the "Pioneer Museum". It was one of the best museums I have ever visited and I recommend it to anyone who is ever travelling to, or going through Troy. Summer and I spent 3 1/2 hours there. There was so much to see that you could go back 2 more times and still not have seen everything. Here are just a few pics but they don't even come close to showing it all.

Here is a pic of Summer sitting in an old school room at the museum....hopefully the only pic I'll ever have of her in a schoolroom!

Here's a couple more pics of the museum.

We left Sunday morning and Toby decided he wanted to talk a walk through memory lane. We passed through his hometown of Enterprise Alabama so he could "show Summer the Bowevil Monument". We also took a look at what the Tornado did to his old high school.

Toby seemed to have a good time working with his old friend and made some pretty decent money doing it too. All in all, I would have to say for this not to be a turned out to be one of my favorite vacations!

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  1. Wow! Who knew you could have such a good time in the buzzing metropolis of Troy, AL??? We go all goofy for the cable tv when we travel also, since we are cable-challenged at home! The Discovery Channel, especially!

    I loved the comment about the only pic you'll have of Summer in school! Ha! I have the same thoughts about Archie!

    Good luck on selling the house...having to go through that is the worst!

    I miss y'all!