Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Park Day

Since I missed the first park day of the month I decided that I would make the trek to Semmes for the last park day of the month. Even though we had a great time after we got there, the park was a lot further than what I thought it was. It took 1 whole hour to get home. The traffic was really conjested (as usual since Katrina) and we left about the time school was letting out. Needless to say, the trip home was miserable and was only made worse by the fact that about 3/4 of the way home we had realized Summer and I both had forgotten all about Summer's scooter that was left behind at the park. She was freaking out and once I got her calmed down I had to figure out if it was worth fighting traffic and consuming my time for another hour trip back to the park and grab a $20 scooter that may or may not still be there. In the end I decided it was worth my sanity not to go back and get it. And yes, since it was my suggestion to pull the scooter out of the trunk in the first place..and that she really likes her scooter, I went and replaced the one that was left behind. Luckily, they were on sale at Toys R Us.

I think I will stick to the park days that are near my homestead from now on.

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