Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After conversing on the internet for 2 years, I finally got together with my best friend from high school. We both are sort of introverted and it took us a while after "finding" each other for us to plan a get together. Pathetic, isn't it? Anyway, I really could have kicked myself in the butt for not taking any pics....I guess we were just so caught up in conversation after not seeing each other in 20 years, that the camera slipped my mind. Oh well, we have another get together planned where we will take pictures and read old notes that were written back and forth between us. I'm sure that they will be the embarressment for the year!

We had one person look at the house so far. This whole house selling thing is really a pain in the butt. I'm a pretty tidy person, but having to keep the house in constant cleanliness is driving me and my family crazy. I have my fingers crossed that someone will see the beauty in the ghetto and snap my house up soon. :-)

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