Monday, September 17, 2007

The Snake

In the 7 years we have been living in this house I have never seen a snake.....until today. My son is the one who found him hanging by a spider web on the bottom of a chair that sits on the front porch. Seems the little bugger was trying to get to some spider eggs and he just wasn't big enough to untangle himself from the web that surrounded the eggs. I'm glad Lucas found him before I did. I am usually the one who sits in that chair. He was very small, but the way I see it, his mama probably wasn't that far off! I couldn't tell what kind he was but on my trip to the library this week I will pick up a snake book for a little research.

Seems that while we were gone last week we had a few hits on our house. Now we are just waiting on the bites.

Here's a pic of the snake

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