Friday, November 16, 2007


This is the second time in the past year that we have been involved in a scam. Thank God we have had enough experience with "people of lesser values" to know when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

The first time was back in May or June when we received a check in the mail for the amount of $2000.00 and some odd dollars. The letter that accompanied the check told us that we had won a lottery of some sort for a large amount of money ( I can't remember how much now) and that all we had to do was to cash the $2000.00 and send them the money so they could do whatever it was they had to do to get our millions rolling in.

Although the check was a real check, we took our suspicions to the bank. They bank said it was real also, but upon further investigation by the bank it was determined that this check was not a legitimate check. Too bad, we could have used a million dollars. :-)

Well, the scam attempt happened this week. Since we are moving hundreds of miles away, I have decided to purge our home of alot of unwanted/unneeded items. After all, we truly don't need many things to exist....the rest is just baggage in our eyes.

I had inherited a china cabinet that included china from my mom when she died. Although it is very nice and holds alot of memories for me, I had decided to sell it. Since we don't really know where we will be living when we move, or how often we might move before we find our "nesting spot" I really didn't want to risk it getting broken as we toted it across the continent. It is really heavy and it's old and I would love to see someone who could truly enjoy it's beauty as my mother did, buy it.

Anyway, I had posted it on a local list a few weeks ago. Immediately I got a response from a man who wanted to purchase the cabinet for the price I had posted it for. I will make a long story short and tell you by the time I recieved a check from this man, I had high suspisions of him. We did receive his check and it also was a real check...just a forged check. He wasted 3 weeks of my selling time, not to mention he was trying to steal from me. This kind of stuff just really pisses me off because I always think about the poor little old lady on a fixed income that may get this new-aged way of stealing and lose what little she does have to some greedy individual with no conscience.

I had a good bit of contact with this man via internet before I realized he was a scammer. I know he has my address and obviously my phone number, because he had called and left a message on my machine to ask if I had received his check. Hopefully, this man is just a thief and not a psycho too.

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