Thursday, November 29, 2007


We got the news from our realtor yesterday that our potential home buyer was approved by the underwriters. The last step in selling our home involves gettting FHA to approve our home. I don't forsee any obstacles with this, but as they say "It's never over until the fat lady sings".

It's really strange, but I seem to be more excited for the "little guy", as our realtor calls him, than I am for ourselves. I can't really explain it, but from the first day I met this guy I was rooting for him. Maybe it was because I know what it's like to be a first time home buyer and how exciting the prospect of owning your own home is, or maybe it was just that I knew he would not be getting a house but a home too.

It looks like we will be closing in the middle of Dec. Not exactly a convenient time of the year, but I am definitely grateful that our home even sold as soon as it did with the market like it is. New beginning, here we come!

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