Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today just happened to be one of the best Halloweens we have ever had! Even though we did nothing all that exciting, we had a perfect day.

Around 11:00 a.m we took off to downtown Mobile and ate at 'our church" as we call it. They have a lunch that they sell every Wed for $5 a plate. We have been doing our Wed. church lunch thing for a couple of years now. The lunches are made by little old church ladies so the food is real "old fashioned". We always go inside in the fellowship hall and eat our meal and the little old ladies just love us to death. I really don't know why, because they know wer'e not religious and that Toby is a tattooist, but they always welcome us like we are family anyway.

After our meal we checked out the downtown library. We decided since it was such a beautiful day we would walk to Bienville Square. We figured we could catch the MODA bus back to the car if we got tired walking back to the car.

Our original plan was to check out the new RSA Battle House Hotel, but somehow after visiting the Square and some art galleries it got a little late, and it slipped our mind. Oh well, maybe next time.

Since time was creeping up on us and we wanted to get home and eat before we went trick or treating, we decided to catch the MODA back to the car, only to discover that the MODA had obviously took Halloween off! So we trekked all the way back to the car. Great excercise for the day

Although we had planned to just go around our neighborhood and trick or treat plans changed and we ended up being invited to go trick or treating with some homeschool friends. I was glad we did because Summer had so much more fun with her friends than she would have by herself......and plus I got in some adult chat time.

Summer really racked up on the candy this year. She had so much candy this year, she didn't even mind sharing with Lucas.

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