Friday, September 25, 2009


I guess you could call this my grateful Friday post. As of this moment I could find irritation in the fact that my a/c is on the blink once again and I am sitting here typing this in a moderately warm room. Thanks to my fluctuating middle age hormones I will also be very uncomfortable when I hit the sack shortly.

Instead, I will choose to see the beauty in my life. Aside from life's little aggravations I am grateful that I have a roof that I can comfortably afford over my head.

The 15 year old hand-me-down car that I drive rarely lets me down.

My daughter is downstairs eating popcorn and enjoying the Hannah Montana movie with company of her friends.

We have had rain for the past couple of weeks. Nothing great for most folks, but for us here in Central Texas it is an answered prayer.

My son still calls me just as much as I call him. His life is going well and he will be graduating college in December. Who knows what path his life will take beyond that, but I am confident that it will work out to his advantage.

Hubby is still as sweet as he was when I first met him...most of the time. I think he really loves me as much as I love him. :-)

Yes, I can think of many things I can be grateful for.....


  1. Those sunset pics are GORGEOUS!!! One of the things I loved the most about camping out west.

    Your post was a nice boost of positivity that I truly needed today! Thanks!


  2. beautiful...

    i agree with Jennifer...the sunset photo is gorgeous and peaceful.

  3. You certainly have much to appreciate. All the things that matter (including the rain!)