Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mini Vacation - September 15-17, 2009

September....the time of year that a large portion of our nations states are experiencing a cool front. To us, it's the perfect time of year to hit the beach, which is exactly what we did.

Kids are back in school and tourist season is over. No excessive crowds...a dream come true.

We have chosen the Corpus Christi/Padre Island area to be our new beach location. Once you are raised along the coastline as long as we have been, it gets sort of ingrained in your soul. The coast is like a drug to us.

So Corpus Christi/Padre Island it was.

On our trip we visited the Texas State Aquarium. I give the aquarium a thumbs up.

At the aquarium we also enjoyed the observation deck. There is the U.S.S. is on our list of things to see on our next trip to Corpus...

Here we are at Padre Island. Gotta miss the humidity and heat of the coastline. There were a few jelly fish washed on shore but that didn't stop Toby and Summer from taking the plunge. As for myself, I spent my time taking pictures, walking the beach, scouring for seashells, and cleansing my soul the coastal atmosphere brings.

We also enjoyed some very yummy seafood at Catfish Charlie's during our visit.

I really feel "at home" in Corpus Christi. Coincidentally, the owner of the tattoo shop Toby now works for also owns a a couple shops in Corpus Christi. convenient. Don't tell Summer, but Corpus Christi is on my list of places to live. I think it just may be my next relocation destination. :-)

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