Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 28, 2009

This past week has been one hell of a week to say the least. Conducting a school week in an 85 degree plus house is not an easy task. It has brought back memories of when I was in grade school. Back in the "olden days" we didn't have a/c in school classrooms. We had a huge industrial fan that sat at the head of the long hall. I can remember many times sitting at my desk squirming around because it was so hot. I couldn't even concentrate I was so uncomfortable. There is no way that I could have ever learned a damn thing on those days.

Toby has fortunately been on a work week so he has been able to slip out of the house before the temps in the house reach maximum heat.

We have spent most of our week taking cold baths and hanging cold rags around our necks.

As of this moment I am sitting and typing in comfort. The Elgin a/c guy came and pumped me up with some freon and I am sitting pretty for the moment.

I even got a response from the builder I sent a nasty little e-mail to. The builders who built our house are very reputable in Austin so I decided to prey on their reputation. It seemed to have worked because today I got a phone call from the son of the builders. He was very concerned with our a/c issues and is sending someone out this week to check it out. Why didn't I think about contacting the builders months ago???

After scolding myself, I realized that I have never owned any thing brand new before and therefore don't know the protocol. I guess you live and learn.

I am looking forward to our "weekend". I'm thinking a small road trip or maybe even some camping...we will see.

Oh, I snapped this pic earlier tonight. I thought it was really odd because the pic I took was in the east. The sun was setting directly in the west but yet there were sun rays shooting out from the clouds in the east....a mirror reflection of the sun's rays in the west.

I am sure there is a scientific explanation for this although I could never tell you what it was. :-)

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  1. I hope you get your issues with your new house under control. I have only had one new house and we also had some issues to be repaired. It was hard to get their attention...... Beautiful picture.