Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Walk in the Park

The weather was overcast this morning shielding us from the hot Texas blazing sun so I decided that we would enjoy the outdoors and walk some trails. I don't think anyone else in my family enjoys walking as much as I do, but atleast they never complain too much. I really would prefer to walk much more than I do but there other obligations that need to be tended to - I take what I can get.

Last time we were in Pflugerville I decided to pick up a map of the city at the Welcome Center. I figured since I frequent the area a good bit and it's also the city where Toby is employed I should familiarize myself with the if I need any more maps to add to my glove compartment.

While I was there I picked up a trail map. I have been itchin' to walk the trails around Pfluger Park for a few months so that was our destination for the day.

Although we walked a couple of miles it really didn't seem like it. Gilleland Creek runs right alongside the trail so we spent alot of time investigating the creekside. There were also a couple of parks we passed along the way that Summer insisted on stoppping at. There were many things to investigate along the trails. We even found a tree FULL of mistletoe. In Alabama, mistletoe was always in the very tops of the trees, I don't know why it was hanging so low in the branches of this Pecan tree.

Here is Toby giving Summer a kiss under the mistletoe...

Thankfully, one of the parks along the way had a water mister. Even though the sun was not shining it was a somewhat humid day. Here we are at Bohls Park..

Here are a few more miscellaneous pics of our walk.

I just added this pic of these wildflowers for no other reason other than I have never seen two totally different flowers reside on the same plant....


  1. You seem to always have such a good time together. What a treasure your little family is!

  2. The picture of the wild flowers is interesting. I think what you are looking at is some flowers with the yellow petals still on and the other ones are the same flower after the petals fell off, leaving the sepals which turned color as it began to die. Cool!

  3. finally you guys are getting some relief from the heat. rain is good.